The Idea - Revolutionizing Seating

We spend most of our lives sitting down: at home, in the office, in cars, in trains, in planes, in restaurants. This has serious effects on our health.

tedx video
Designing from the brain - Watch Inno-Motion founder Dr. Patrik Künzler's TEDx talk

Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to our health, physical and mental.

We at Inno-Motion believe that NOW is the time to revolutionize seating.

Inno-Motion has been working with the latest results from brain science - the inventor is a brain scientist - and ergonomics to come up with novel, inspirational solutions for working at the office - with amazing results.

It looks like sitting, but for the body and the mind, it feels more like flowing.


Touch, movement and motion are known to have a positive impact on our lives. Moving is medically beneficial, inspiring and boosts our health, performance and creativity.

We have all had the experience that most good ideas don\'t come to us while we are sitting statically at the office.

Inspiration happens while we are on the move, while jogging, hiking or being in a new environment.


Motion removes mental blocks and has a positive effect on the emotional center of our brains, the limbic system. Selective touch-points enhance this effect.

Sitting can not only be healthier, it can, in fact, make you happier!